Cashless society research paper

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Counterfeiting paper notes has always been a convenience, especially since the introduction of color methods and computer image scanners. The Cashless Society Project is soliciting short working papers from both academics as well as practitioners in the financial services industry.

Once accepted, these papers will be published here and made freely available. If you are interested in submitting a paper, please contact one of the project organizers.

Leonidas Efthymiou and Sophia Michael. Dear Readers, You’ve heard of Blockchain, Bitcoin and all of the cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) taking the world by storm.

Working Papers

** Research Scholar,School of Business Studies,Shobhit University, Meerut. Abstract: This paper studied the views of people on introduction of cashless economy in study was conducted in Delhi region & data was collected with the help of structured questionnaire and analyzed using.

A cashless society is exactly what the term says, but debit cards can be considered cashless even though they allow direct access to cash. In order for a cashless society to exist, we must truly embrace a.

Unique perspective, unparalleled insight. R3 Research provides compelling analysis and insight into the enterprise blockchain industry and specific practical applications across cash, payments, capital markets, trade finance, insurance and identity.

The UK is swiftly becoming a cashless society. Despite the fact that the new pound coin was introduced into circulation a month ago on 28th Marchit’s taking a long time to penetrate into society with a large proportion (43%) of the UK population still yet received one.

Cashless society research paper
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